Thunder Perfect Witchcraft

Welcome to the homepage of Thunder Perfect Witchcraft Studios. We are two developers, specializing in 2D gaming. Check out all the wonderful stuff we do!

our recommendations:
Check out the site of francesco ariis!
Visit Pays Fantôme, a digital art group that is neither label, nor collective, neither political movement but all of these at once.

or use the gamedev webring to find other small video game studios!
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stop global warming, destroy capitalism, practice digital underground art alchemy!

Our Projects

The Vaults of Minos

The Vaults of Minos

The Vaults of Minos is an roguelite precision plattformer inspired by pulp comics and 90s video games.

Check it out
CrumblingWords Logo

Crumbling Words

A occult word puzzle game full of exotic language and black magic.

Check it out!
Mahjongg Logo

Just Let Me Play Mahjongg

A simple & free Mahjongg with no strings attached. Start up, tune in, delete stones.

Check it out!
Not yet available

Acid Flight

Ultra-fast flashy 2D tower climber

Check it out!

Meditation 5

Meditation 5 is a game about balance, concentration and strategy with abstract graphics, similar to a Rail shooter. To play, you need to use a 2-stick controller. Meditation 5 offers support for Linux and Windows.

Check it out!

Wondrous Pixel Turtle

A slow but powerful tool to convert images into pixel art style graphics. Free Software.

Check it out!
Not yet available

A Wargame in the making

SLAW is a complex Puzzle/Strategy Game. We hope to be able to provide more information about it in summer.

coming soon


Erdspiegel is a left dungeon-synth project heavily inspired by german acid folk.


Arcane Cache

Very underground blog about very underground video games.

Open sesame!

Impressions from a mystic shore

Low-Res pictures done with old mobile phones.