Incoanhyto is an attempt to create a tool that enforces dissolution. The art created with Incoanhyto is neither clearly game, nor literature - and it is impossible to say were a singular work ends and where another one begins. For the player, the author remains invisible and might even change between singular pages, and the structure of Incoanhyto encourages a swap of roles - players can become authors that can pour experience into art, and the authors have to - if they want to oversee to what their work transforms - also become readers, and interact with their lived-in world.

Story fragments ("Pages") can only be found by reading and following the stories they are intertwined to; but once found, the finder might intertwine them wherever they seem to fit. They might change over time.

The result is an incomprehensible (and sometimes maybe even impenetrable), living maze of stories and narratives, that might be sometimes even turn out surprising for those who created it.

Inspired by Taoist Philosophy, Postmodern Literature, and the Works of Jonas Mekas.

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  • Hyperlink-Fiction creation that requires neither programming, nor scripting
  • Collaborative: Users can - after a registration - create own stories or change - if allowed by the author - existing works.
  • True intertextuality: Existing Stories can be intertwined with each other, in ways that it becomes impossible to tell where one story starts and where another ends.
  • Anonymous: Except for the admins of an instance, nobody can tell the authorship of a certain story or fragment.
  • Lightweight: Can be hosted on a small php/mySQL-Server. For the usage of an existent online instance, a web browser is sufficent.
  • Privacy-Friendly: Pure php, no JS, no external scripts. IP-Logging of users can be deactivated.
  • Simple BB-Codes
  • (Hopefully) Barrier-Free HTML
  • Rudimentary permission management, Admin-Tools, Imageupload.
  • Free, Libre, Open-Source Software (FLOSS), encourages the use of free licenses for creations done with the tool.

System Requirements:

  • Web server with php and MySQL