Wondrous Pixel Turtle

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The Wondrous Pixel Turtle is a filtering tool to apply a pixel art style on images. It might be a bit slow, especially when handling large files, but generates good results.

Note: MSE might issue a warning about the exe. This is a false positive. Either tell MSE to allow it, get another antivirus, or switch to Linux. Compile it from source if you still feel insecure.

Most images on this page are Creative Commons. See here for further information.


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  • Pixelization with configurable pixel size
  • Different color modes and the ability to vary them
  • Powerful Palette Mode to replace colors and stylize pictures
  • Single- and bulk conversion of images
  • Save and edit profiles
  • Create own palettes
  • Extract palettes from images
  • Free, libre Open Source Software. Source code included
  • Support for Windows and Linux

System Requirements:

  • Up-to-date, 64-bit Linux or Windows OS with working drivers
  • 2-Core 2,6GHZ processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 100MB free storage